Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 8- Follow Your Gut

What do you think of the art hanging above my sofa?

My hubby doesn't love them. But guess where I got them?


From a house clearance of an old lady who'd hoarded tons. They were piled at the top of a long staircase line with dark dingy wallpaper, orange sculpted carpet that lost its 'sculpt' decades ago... in a stack of about 12 pictures/paintings covered in layers of dust and grime and nicotine.

But I love artwork. I love gallery walls. I love all kinds of pictures. So I took the lot (well, most of them)!

I almost didn't. They needed some work, no particular picture grabbed me. Half of them were yellowing. But since most weren't originals (except that farmhouse pic, which I'll come back to), and I wasn't yet emotionally invested in them, I took them home, gave them a much-needed scrub, and set them out for a bit. Over the next few days, certain pictures grew in my interest, and I started seeing possible pairings. It took a couple weeks, but eventually, I decided to hang the two you see here.

And I like it. The two together are sweet, and since I used the existing nail holes (we have plaster walls... which make a mess) they hung more flat-topped rather than on centre. But I like it. Its sweet. Its casual. Its imperfect.

It was worth trusting my gut, grabbing all those paintings and sticking them in a corner for a week to see if they grew on me. I'd never find artwork like this free again!

*The farmhouse painting features Top Withens, an abandoned farmhouse in Yorkshire which is said to have been the/an inspiration for Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.

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