Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 28- Hold on to Things

I know yesterday's post said not to hold on to things too carefully, to use them and not hoard them in a cupboard. But today I'm talking about when to hold on to things, for a time.

I'm not talking about keeping something indefinitely just for the sake of never getting rid of it. I'm not a big fan of the 'well someday I might use that' approach. But there are times when, in the midst of changing things around, you do want to keep your options open, and so holding on to something old for a time is a good idea.

Do you remember the artwork hanging over my sofa?

If you remember, I picked them up from a man who was clearing out his mothers home. These were two of eight pieces I carried home that day. I propped them in the corner for a while, trying to decide which to mount... but I liked a couple of the others. Several of them have huge gilded frames that are amazing... I really want to use them someday. But I can't right now. So they are tucked in the attic, for a time. I won't keep them indefinitely... there's no point. But for now, it's ok. 

Give yourself a break. I'm quite keen on regular purges of one's home, of keeping the clutter down and not storing what you won't use. But there's a balance, and sometimes, it's okay to just put it aside for now.

*PS- sorry to my email friends who were inundated with today's update. I missed the last two days, as our internet wasn't working, and I've been too busy to get internet elsewhere. I wanted to post the whole series, but I'm sorry for giving you so much junk mail!*

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