Thursday, January 5, 2017

No Place Like Home

It's funny. We are now three and a half years into this London adventure and we absolutely love it here- love England, love our friends, our home, our habits. We started our family here (and it's about to grow again!) We have no idea how long we'll stay, but so glad to call it home today.

And yet, there's something about going back. Back to familiar places and faces. Places where your memories are shared with others you love. Places you were before.

We were able to go back to the US in November, and squeeze in time with each of our families. The time was too fleeting, but precious, especially now, as it's shared with our daughter. I've included a few of my favourite shots from the trip, but I hope you appreciate my restraint. I cut it down to 20 pics from about 200. It wasn't easy.

Grandma Prelock shared raspberries straight from the bush!

And Fishy got to meet kitties for the first time. She loved it. The kitties... not so much.

Fishy got to meet her cousin, and great grandpas!

Dancing with Papa

And LOTS of wrestling with Grandpa Walton!

And we got to meet this little bundle of laughs!

And then there's this guy... who always keeps me laughing.

The view from Grandma and Grandpa Walton's house-- such an amazing place to wake up to!

Love these two cuties!

Missing all these happy smiles already!