Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 15- Go Industrial

I've already posted pictures of my dining room.

I love the warm tones of all the wood and the simplicity that fills up when we have a house full of visitors. I love that we have a massive table that's way too much for the hubby and me, but fills up every Sunday with friends from church. And that at times, we've been able to cram ten or even twelve people there if we're in a squeeze. Big tables with elbows bumping is such a joy to me, I'm blessed to have a space where we can have that!

But finding a table that large cheaply was not looking like an easy task.... till we went industrial.

My first attempt you can see on the under layer of the table. A post online advertised £30 for a six foot table top with trestle legs. But when we arrived to pick it up, we found the table top to only be two feet wide.... not enough to cover the whole trestle legs, let alone fit eight to twelve dinner guests!

So we asked our builders (who were still working on other bits in the flat) if they could get a piece of plywood for us. So £20 later, we plopped a piece of 4x6 mdf on the top, coated it with mineral oil (which was highly debated among those we asked), and there we had it: a big ol' table that can fit twelve if needed, for just at £50.

So go raid Lowes or Home Depot! (Please do for me, we don't have them here and I miss their convenience!) Maybe a plywood headboard is calling your name! Or a diy bench is just around the corner. Rough edged picture frame? Know your limits (as I've written before), and don't bite off more than you can chew, but get creative, and see where it leads!

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