Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 4-Material Things

Anyone who's heard of Pinterest knows there are a thousand ways to use fabric in decorating. Between classic sewing projects, crafts, and modern online tutorials, there's nothing knew I can show you.

But here's my take on it...

This is one of my all-time favourite fabrics! I bought like 10 yards of it years ago and have used it for so many projects! That green paisley floral has covered seat covers, storage boxes, gift wrapping, and currently sits in a three foot square frame on top of my hubby's wardrobe. (One 'ugh' about life in London-- no closets!) The space on top of the wardrobe isn't easy enough to access to add drawers or other usable storage, but there's a huge space... which is filled quite well by my pretty print!

But perchance you don't have several yards of fabric lying in a sewing cupboard. (Really? Seriously? Are you sure?) Fine. Then look around-- got any old curtains? How about sheets with elastic that has stretched and can no longer be used? Old baby blankets?

No? Nothing?

How about that shirt with the pattern that you loved but don't fit into anymore?
These sweet blue prints are cut from a mandarin style silk blouse I bought on a trip to China during my university years. I seriously loved that print! But it didn't fit well. It was made for petite asian women who average 5'1". On my 5'6" frame (with unusually long torso), it just looked silly. So it sat in my closet for years... till this!

Made me so happy!

So go on- quick! Look in your linen closets, check under beds, look for old scarves you'd forgotten about! And find a tutorial you love. There are so many options, and with little investment, you can make a big change to a room!

Ready... set... GO!

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