Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 29- Bribe Your Husband

So this is our guest room. I'm standing in the doorway, and the only thing you can't see in the photo is a 2x3 table with a trunk on it that I use for storage. This room is teenie-weenie.... and higgly-piggly. There's not a right angle in the whole place! As is true with many old London homes, walls, floors, and ceilings are all just slightly askew, meaning that the angles are all a bit wonky. On the end where I'm standing, the room is about five feet wide (152 centimetres). On the far end, where the futon is... well, it's less.

When I saw this futon on Freecycle, I measured the walls. Right below 140 centimetres. Maybe 137 at the very back, but that would be right up against the radiator, so we could leave a few inches. Perfect fit!

But when we got it back.... it was no where near fitting! I realised that I had measured the wall at about waist height, not at the floor. The baseboards are each 1.5 cm, and apparently, the walls narrow as they go down. The width at the bottom 130 cm. (To recap, that means there's about 3 in difference from waist height to floor. And there's a 9 in difference from one end of the room to the other!)

Hoo boy!

But the darling hubby buckled down, and with an ancient circle saw that we borrowed (no, seriously, it was so old it barely worked at all!), cut down all the slats on the futon base so that it would fit into that end of the room! It took 45 minutes. And that AFTER he'd taken me to pick it up, loaded it in the car, lugged it up to our flat, and assembled it. He's a keeper.

I know half my home musings would never come true if it weren't for a patient hubby who helps carry paintings, mirrors, and tables down the street, who pulls sofas up to a third floor window with a rope, and who wheels sofas half a mile down the street on a dolly!

I owe that man a good steak dinner!

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