Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 27- Don't Be Precious

I've been amazed at how many British English words are different than American English. Considering its technically the same language, they are SO different. (And that's a whole different post for another day.) But one word I've really enjoyed learning is 'precious'. Yes, I know, we use that word in America, but really only for things/people that are super important or sentimental to us. the English use 'precious' or 'dear' to indicate value, or expense. So I love when the little old lady in my church say this sack of potatoes is 'dearer'. Or when my friend says not to worry about the sweater I dropped food on, because it's not 'precious'.

I think many of us tend to keep things, especially gifts, as precious. If someone gives us something we love, we save it, not wanting it to break or be ruined. But then I find we don't really enjoy it as we ought.

I was given this bowl from a friend before I left the U.S.
I LOVE it! So for a while, I kept it tucked away. But I want to use it. I want to see it! I want to remember the sweet friend who gave it to me, and enjoy its beauty. So now its on my bedside table, holding my jewellery at night. (And I just realised that both the bracelet and the ring in the bowl are gifts as well.) Enjoy the things you have. God has given them to you for a time. You can't take them with you, and you ought not become too attached to material things anyway. So be grateful... send them a picture of their gift in your home. (Or send them the link to your blog when you feature it!)

But don't keep it precious, hidden away.

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