Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Travels -- *and a English grammar lesson*

Well, I've been gone a while, at least from writing. This summer opened with an amazing visit from my mother-and-sister in law. We had so much fun through the whirlwind two weeks! After that, I took a week of rest before falling ill* with tonsillitis. Then being the kind soul that I am, I shared my tonsillitis with my husband right before he started his summer module. Some recovery, changes in schedules, a week cooking at a Christian camp in Northhampton, and suddenly, the summer is flying by.
*Note: In England, normal colds, flus, etc. are referred to as being ill or unwell. Being sick involves vomit. Its actually a fairly handy distinction. However, sick can also be used to describe vomit itself. Correct usages would include "I was sick three times last night." or "There was a pile of sick on the sidewalk." Typical conversation would be as follows:
"I fell ill (yes fell replaces the American got, also used in context of falling pregnant) last week."
"Oh no! With what?"
"Oh, I was proper sick all Friday."
"I'm so sorry!"

But I digress.

Summer is actually just starting here in London. The schools in England are all on trimesters. Autumn term is Sept-Dec, spring term is Jan- March, and summer term is April-July, then August is summer holiday. Students get two weeks between terms, and a one week half-term break in the middle of each term. It's different to get used to, but not bad. However, it does mean that traveling Europe in August gets crazy, as EVERYONE is on holiday at the same time! But for me, it still feels like summer is coming to a close. So, before it gets too late, I realised I need to post my photos! Here are some pics from our travels outside London.

We took a day trip to see the White Cliffs of Dover, which were just lovely. The weather was still cool, but the sun was shining, the English channel bright, and the clouds lifted enough for us to see France in the distance. Loved it! (For adventurous videos, check out my previous post for Emily's hubby!)

I love this guy!!!

Then I snuck the girls over for 26 hours in Paris. We walked all over, and sped through the highlights, but this time, made it in a couple of the churches the hubs and I didn't brave queues to see! SO glad we did this time!

Notre Dame..... if you get the chance to go- check out the carvings around the building. Each statue is different, each face unique, everything telling a story. It's just brilliant!

We wandered some Paris streets again.... and again, it charmed my heart!

If you came via my Facebook page, you've already seen us girls on the Pont des Arts--- did I ever post the video we took? I'll have to check!