Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 14- Make Do

It seems with the recent economy, many have taken the opportunity to return to a more frugal lifestyle. The 'Make do and Mend" community has grown a bit again. Do you do this? Do you make do?

Of course, this could mean simply doing without something. This last year, I had a number of shopping lists that I put in my notebook to save up for, but often, when the money was saved, I found that what I thought I'd badly needed was no longer a high priority. Double check, ask yourself if you really need it or if you have something that you could use in place of it.

Our home is a high priority, as it should be. But as long as it is well cared for, welcoming for guests, and not a hindrance to your family's daily routine or ministry to others, that's enough. You are not required to keep up with magazines, shop windows, or even *gasp* blogs. Sometimes good enough is just that: good enough.

Having said that, perhaps there are times where you'd be able to make do with items you already have (or find), as opposed to buying something new (or even used). Make do could simply mean to choose not to spend money on something.

We are currently blessed to live next to our church, which was much larger in the past, and consequently, has some extra pieces around the building. Our dining room chairs are all the same seats that we sit in every Sunday morning.

Well, at church they have cushions (on my list to buy or make, eventually.)
 They aren't fancy, but they work. And I can comfortably sit eight people at my table, without having to buy extra chairs! Its wonderful!

I was also looking for some kind of jewellery rack. I've tried a number of boxes and drawers that never seemed to work- so when I found a cork board, I decided to try to give it a shot.

But I still needed something for my earrings. I tried drilling holes in veneers... which kind of worked, but not great. Then I happened upon a hutch by the side of the road that was a bit worn and out of shape, but did have a wire door that would be just perfect for my earrings!

(I weaved a piece of ribbon through on edge to hold my post-back earrings that wouldn't just hang over the wire.)

And voila! My jewellery corner is complete! I'm so happy with it, and think it looks great together. And since I had ribbon and thumbtacks in the house already, it was absolutely free!

Can you make do with what you have for a while? Get creative about how you use things, or find an item that can do double duty. Challenge yourself to find a solution that doesn't require money! And let me know in the comments below if you do!

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