Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days of Cheap & Free Decor: Day 22- Check the Attic

Often when we think about decorating, we think about new things. Perhaps not 'new' new items, but at least 'new to us' items. But sometimes, its best to think old. Usually, most of us have already surrounded ourselves with things we love: souvenirs from places we toured, little impulse buys that caught our eye. Check your storage, look through the attic and under the stairs, all those places you've put the trinkets you thought you 'outgrew' and give them a second chance.

For a while, I and my family spent quite bit of time traveling in Asia. I picked up a few things, and received a few gifts from my family's travels. I really liked what I had, but 'saved' them, because they were 'special memories'. But I realised they weren't appreciated as special tucked away in a box I only look at once a year. So I pulled them out. Now these elephants, along with several other pieces, grace my shelves and walls and windows, constantly reminding me of the memories and the family that I shared them with. Which is exactly what they out to do!

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