Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Birthday Girl!

Little Fishy turned one yesterday! I wish I could say the whole day was spent in celebration, but in truth, she was pretty grumpy, which made me pretty grumpy, and when I had to go out in the afternoon, it poured down rain, making for a happy daddy but not a happy mummy. Oh well.

We had a bit of sunshine in Fishy's smiles though. She perked right up in pretty beads and a tiara (courtesy of Grandma Walton)! However... she was a bit more delicate in her cake smash than I'd anticipated, only picking at the frosting, and eating a bite that I carved out for her.

Who's daughter is she anyway?!

Happy Birthday, Little Girl! You light up the lives of all who know you, and we wouldn't trade you for the world!

Mummy & Daddy