Saturday, April 26, 2014

St George's Day

April 23rd was St George's Day! Huzzah!

Well, not quite. Apparently, each country in the UK has a patron saint to whom they look to for help in times of distress... or something like that. But poor St. George has been all but forgotten. Though the holiday is the 23rd (supposedly the day he died), there's no day off work. So this week, the few people who did celebrate did so on Monday, since they had the day off for Easter anyway. :-P Kind of tragic.

Anyhoo, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is trying to get the holiday back up off the ground, and hosted a Feast of St. George in Trafalgar Square. It guaranteed to have entertainment, lots of food stalls, and a tent with cooking workshops- right up our alley! Well, the result was underwhelming. Amidst the rain and around the fountain stood about 10 food stalls and one paper mache dragon breathing fake smoke. But it was a nice walk, and a good afternoon out. I do love going into the city! 

At least we got some good food from Heck Sausages!

Oh, and the food workshops expected were one per hour, no latecomers- line up for the next one. We didn't feel like standing in line to learn how to make Kentish Pudding with pickled walnuts and a side of cumin carrots. (Even after a pretty thorough Google search, I can't find a decision on what Kentish Pudding actually consists of!)

*Oh! And since I'm on the subject of kinda snobby food..... I love food. A lot. But I'm kind of over restaurant menus describing in agonising detail every ingredient of the dish. We no longer get a hamburger and fries. We get a patty of grass-fed, mature, Angus, 95% lean steak mince patty topped with pan-fried golden onions and wild mushrooms, optional heirloom tomatoes and lettuce, with a stone ground english mustard, served with parmesan-crusted maris piper potato wedges. Don't get me wrong, dear chefs- I love eating your food-- I just get grumpy with hunger as I try to read through your menu!

Speaking of.... can you tell our dinner is a little later than usual tonight? In someone on Pinterest's words:

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