Monday, April 28, 2014

A Walk in the Chilterns

We're going to flashback a bit for this post.

The hubby and I got out of the city for a day this winter, but I never uploaded the photos. I'm finally getting to it tonight.

We wanted to get out of the city and see some English countryside. When my Aunt Jenn was here, she took me to the Cotswolds, which were SO charming! But the hubs hadn't really left London. So we decided to remedy that. Last minute train tickets were a bit pricey, but with a little looking, we found that the tube (Metropolitan Line) could get you out of London pretty well. (Ok, just outside the encircling freeway, but Londoners never get out that far!) :-)

Keep in mind it was mid-December. The air was crisp and cool, but plenty warm for a hike. It was lovely.

We stepped off the train at Chalfont and Latimer. I quickly discovered that like cities in the States, the 'burbs are where its at! The gated homes were beautiful!

Through a field path (which is an awesome English concept, that walking footpaths are required through private land between villages)... around the corner, we saw the open fields of the English Countryside!

We stumbled on (and across) Harewood Downs Golf Club-- the footpaths go right through the fairways! (Don't worry, Dad. I kept proper golfing etiquette and stayed out of sight in the woods till the foursome had teed off and started their way down to their shots!)

From there, we meandered to Chalfont St. Giles... a charming tiny village (and cool, as our church is St. Giles!)

Through the lych-gate (corpse gate) at the local church. Read the wiki entry about these gates to find the superstition behind them!

The woodwork on the chapel entrance was lovely.

Then we found what we meandered here for-- Milton's Cottage! This is the home where John Milton penned Paradise Lost. We weren't able to tour inside, but it was so neat to be peek inside and consider the history that had been here, and the great minds that once dwelled in this home!

** Random shot of the day ** In the public loo, they had this hand washing station, with buttons for water, soap, and then air drying. Weirdest thing I've ever seen, but apparently, they're not uncommon!

Then we quickly realised we were running out of daylight (in December, the sun sets sets before 4pm!), so we hoofed it up to Amersham, where we did a quick tour of Old Amersham (historical district) and  stepped in a quick charity shop (thrift shop) before catching our train back to London.

They trim certain trees here in England like this. I don't really understand why they lop them off so starkly. They do it in the country and here in London. It makes the the parks look like a Dr. Seuss book!

Dear Mama- I thought of you!

Apparently, we were in the county of Buckinghamshire, in a region of hills called The Chilterns. (I love that!) And we'll have to go back... apparently, there are a few places near there that they used in filming (both) versions of Pride & Prejudice! And the Austen geek in me wants to see them!

P.S.   Dad- You can bring your clubs when you visit. Harewood Downs is only £30 for green fees. I'll go with you if I can borrow your clubs!

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