Saturday, April 12, 2014

Postcards from Paris (Part 3)

I'm not sure if anyone is still looking at these Paris posts. It seems like I've written more about Paris than about London! But can you blame me, really? It's what I do under pressure. Three days-- I must capture it all on film (proverbial film, of course)!

I'll combine a few last details of Paris in this post. For the OCD ones out there, I'll give you an outline.
  1. Covered Passages of Paris
  2. Montmartre Cemetery
  3. The Red Umbrella (or Waving Hello to my Little Sister)

Covered Passages of Paris- When we were planning our trip, we repeatedly read that the only way to really take in Paris is to walk. I also read one piece of advice that said to 'try' every door handle, because you never know what hidden passage, courtyard, or garden is behind a door in Paris. While we didn't actually try every doorknob, we peeked into any that were open. And he's right! So many doors lead to courtyards with gardens and fountains. It was like searching for Wonderland behind each door. The covered passages were similar. Though expensive (what isn't expensive in Paris?), the passages held cafes, antiques shops, booksellers, and children's boutiques. It was a sweet reprieve to the city around you.
I wish I could tell you which passage was which... but I didn't always know where we were, and sadly, have forgotten most of the ones I did know. I hope you still enjoy them.

Montmartre Cemetery- During our first (rainy) day, we came upon the Montmartre Cemetery. Though not as large (or celebrity-ridden) as Pere Lachaise, we found several well-known names. We were struck by the grandeur and beauty memorialising faces and names long forgotten.

The tomb of Hector Berlioz (for my Meghan... who, as a 2 year old, chose Berlioz as her favourite composer).

This stained glass was in a crypt-- amazing to see such beauty in a place of such decay.

The hubby asked to take this shot for his mum. Jacques Offenbach.

The Red Umbrella (or Waving Hello to my Little Sister)- My sister has begun collecting paintings and pictures featuring red umbrellas. Ally- these are for you.

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