Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Postcards from Paris (Part 2)

I was so excited to see Montmartre! Though I'd heard it was mostly just a tourist spot, I was curious to see if any of that bobo (what they call boho) era was still felt. We went on our first day... but it was raining. Quite frankly, we didn't feel much of anything. So we stopped again on our last day, taking advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather! It was lovely. We sat just to the side of the Sacré-Cœur, in view of the Eiffel Tower, reading books and watching the sun travel over the rooftops of Paris.

Another carousel for my collection....

Place du Tertre... classic spot for aspiring artist. (In truth... current tourist trap.)

There was still a charm about the corner bands and street performers, like the living statue below. Whenever anyone came up to take a photo with him, be played a tune on his pipe and danced a jig, before returning to a still pose.

Just below Montmartre is Pigalle.... ok, not really the 'nicest' district in Paris. Though I can't vouch for its entertainment, I couldn't pass le Moulin Rouge without at least one picture!

Can anyone help place this view? I'm sure I've seen this hill somewhere.. movie, tv? I can't remember, but it was charming.

I just loved this spot. Off in the glowing distance is the 18th arrondisement, a residential district. Down hundreds of steps, between luxury flats... it looked like another world off in the distance, a world outside Paris. 

I think I could come back here.


  1. Oh the memories...alllll those steps up to Sacre Coeur! That's so funny about the statue man - when we were there last summer there was a creepy mime in the EXACT same spot as your picture is taken!
    Great shots!

    1. Haha! Sad he was creepy. We didn't see any mimes- I would have thought that'd be cool!

  2. beautiful. simply beautiful.