Saturday, April 22, 2017

Family Staycation Days 5 & 6

Well here I am, writing the last post in this little series of adventures. What a great week its been with our family! Yesterday (Day 5) has no pictures to show. We found out yesterday morning that we had a chance to catch up with some dear friends, so we spent the day tidying, shopping, and cooking for that sweet reunion! A lovely time for all, but not something quite bloggy!

Today, however, we made up for it. Like, a lot.

Let me put it to you this way: Do you remember that list we were working through, courtesy Wanderlust Chloe? There were six desserts to try. And if you've kept close track of our progress so far, we've had... two. So while the original plan for today had two stops, it turned into four. Four massive desserts in one day! My blood is now syrup.

First on our list: Yolkin. Yes, its a weird name. The founder made macarons regularly, which uses egg  whites, and realised she could make ice cream with the remaining yolks. Throw the two together and you have a macaron ice cream sandwich! You can't see from the picture, but they are massive! As big as my fist! We shared a honeycomb flavoured sandwich, and weren't disappointed!

Then on to Milk Train Cafe, specialising the the Ice Cream Cloud! Soft serve ice cream, covered in any combination of sauces and toppings, surrounded by a cloud of cotton candy, or candy floss, as the Brits call it! If this isn't Instagram worthy, I don't know what is!

Our little Fishy was a bit hesitant to try it, but warmed up pretty quickly!

Then since those two were such successes, we decided to head back to Chinatown to Bubblewrap Waffle to brave that queue. It still looked pretty long, but we were already sugared up, the sun was starting to peek out, and the girls were in top form! We ended up waiting about 45 minutes to get our tasty treat!

***BTW- I need to give a shout out to the hubs! Halfway into our wait, little Fishy declared she had to go potty (she's been potty trained for a week now). With no bathrooms at any of the teeny shops nearby, I stayed in the queue and sent the hubby down a couple streets to look for a place with a toilet. First attempted cafe disappointed, so he rushed over a couple more blocks to McDonalds, where the signs pointed him to the bathroom... three flights downstairs. So he picked up our double stroller with both girls in it and CARRIED it down, rushing into the bathroom and getting her to a toilet before she burst! A kind hearted stranger took pity on him as he began lifting it for the trek back up the steps. But I'm seriously impressed with his daddy-ness!

And... all our efforts produced this beauty! A bubble waffle cone with dark chocolate gelato, whipped cream, strawberries, and nutella drizzle! Pretty good, if Mila's reaction is anything to judge by!

Seriously buzzed at this point, we headed back through the West End to catch a bus back up to Holloway, our own stomping grounds. We had said if we could, we'd head to our final stop on the list, and with Little Fish calling from her stroller "mo keek" (more treats), what were we to do?

So, we hit Miki's Paradise just 10 minutes away from our house for one of their famous freakshakes! The freakshake revolution isn't new, but we'd yet to try one. I think the idea was a hit! A milkshake, with extra ice cream, whipped cream, a cookie/brownie/cake, pretzels, caramel drizzle... and whatever else they could fit on top! Fishy's eyes lit up as it arrived at our table, and we had to fight to get a sip of it for ourselves!

She's actually pretty good at sharing, and her daddy loved sharing sips with her!

Finally, on the edge of a sugar coma, we stopped at the Hub's favourite cheap chinese shop just down from Miki's, as there was no way I'd have the wherewithal to actually cook supper, and headed home. Everyone was happy, everyone was on a sugar high, everyone had fun. Even our tiny Squidge!

Chloe Gunning, you're my new favourite person for providing the inspiration for this week! When you said "6 London Desserts You Have to Try",  I'm not sure you meant to try them all in one week, but we loved it! I just may be cursing your name when my daughter is detoxing tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed you were able to eat all that! I would be been so sick. Looks fun!