Thursday, April 20, 2017

Family Staycation Day 4

Well, we took a day off. At least from big events. I'm posting midday even, because we have no plans to go anywhere this evening. The girls slept in (thank you very much!), and are down for a late nap (thanks again!)

We popped out this morning for a gift for a friend and I snapped a quick pic of our nice shopping centre at The Angel. If you ever feel like looking at a map of London, look for Angel, Islington. It's just a 15 min walk from our place!

Got a relaxed cup of coffee with some of my favourite people!

And then some chill time with the Squidge, who is getting more and more expressive all the time! (She's 10 weeks old now!)

I'm loving this week with my family! I'll keep you posted where we head next!

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