Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Family Staycation Day 3

Well, day three is in the books! We started the morning heading to our favourite out-of-town spot, Trent Park. The hubs scoped out the park on Google maps before we even moved, knowing I'd need some breathing space from the city every so often. It's a massive park with tons of walking trails, a tree adventure course, and lots of space to have a picnic! The bluebells were in season, the clouds scattering the sky and littering the hills with shadows. Just lovely!

We've had some people ask how we get around with both girls- so here's how: our stroller (called a pushchair) stacks the seats. You can see Fishy sitting in the top seat, and Squidgy is in a carrier that lays down below. But once Squidgy gets older and wants to sit, that seat folds up to be a normal sitting position, and the top seat reconnects down by the back wheels so they sit one above another. It's pretty clever actually. If you want to look it up, the brand is called Phil & Teds. Ours is an older model, but you can get the feeling for it!

Then after popping home for a quick nap time, we headed out again for the city, Soho, to be exact.  Continuing on Wanderlust Chloe's recommended list, we first headed to Bubblewrap Waffle in Chinatown!

Facebook said it had a long queue, and sadly, we found it too long for our impatient family. What you see here was just under a two hour wait! Considering Bubblewrap also had a sign posting they were out of two of their three ice cream fillers, we decided to put it off for another day and head to another on the list!

So on to Cutter & Squidge (so aptly named for our crew!) to try one of their famous Biskies-- a sandwich of two cake/cookie pieces filled with a special cream filling! We picked Smore and Pistachio Rosebery and neither disappointed! (Hubby preferred the Smore, while I liked the Pistachio.)

Fishy wasn't too fussy!

A potty training accident left this little girl shoeless on this chilly evening, but it didn't get her down too badly!

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, we sat for a while with Ralph Fiennes standing on the other side of the grass for a while. Still can't get over this city living thing!

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