Saturday, August 3, 2013

Granary Square

The first week is a success! Not only have we avoided oncoming traffic from the 'wrong' direction, but we've actually managed to get a few things accomplished. Our church, St. Giles Christian Mission, hosted their Holiday Bible Club (VBS to my American friends), and we loved helping out with that. Thanks to Ikea and Gumtree (the UK's more-popular form of Craigslist), we've managed to furnish much of our apartment. We've done some grocery shopping, and I already have the first batch of bread rising as we speak. Not too bad for just over a week, if I do say so myself! There have definitely been a few sanctifying conversations (read: conflicts) through the week, but God is blessing, and overall the week has been a joy!

One of the highlights was a walk to Granary Square at Kings Cross with some of our church family.  The City took an old grain processing factory, repurposed it for the part of the College of Art and Design, and used the open space between it and the canal for a public fountain/play area. The kids had so much fun- and I think the adults did too!

The caravan by Regents Canal

Not sure who was terrorizing who!

By the way- did you notice the art building in the background? With a aluminum leaf over part of the brick, it reflects the sky and looks like a slash through part of the building. So cool!

Love this little cutie!

Not everyone had such a great time.... but the rest of us did!

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  1. Love the pictures!! Please take some pictures of yourself-we miss you. I'm glad you guys are settling down. The weather looks nice over there!! Alice Wong