Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gild ALL the Things!

So, yesterday I bought a can of gold spray paint. Yeah, I may have a problem!

The peacock/floral prints were the inspiration, and I just had to keep going with it!

... and yes, that is a birch stick in the corner by the lamp. Apparently, I also have a thing for sticks. 


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  2. Love the gold- adds warmth and openness :) from Ally

  3. You get your "stick thing" from Grandma Walton. Looks lovely!

  4. Ally- I wondered why Phil cared about my decorating! :-D Mum... really?! I had no idea! That's awesome! (This particular stick happened to be a sidewalk tree that had been hit by a car and was lying in the road! How lucky!) :-D

  5. Becka
    Love the touches of gold. And your birch stick is also awesome. :) And it keeps trying to publish me as "anonymous."