Monday, July 29, 2013

First Impressions

Sadly, I don't yet have pictures to load up for this first post- though I promise to supply many pictures in the future. I'm afraid I've spent the first couple days in London quite a bit more jet-lagged than I'd hoped. (My apologies to all those who had to interpret my incoherent sentences, already impaired with my American accent and worsened by my lack of sleep.) However, I've already managed to learn a few important things about English life that I thought I'd pass along.

1. Learning to drive on the other side of the road is hard... not that I've tried it yet, but I've started walking across the street, and that's already proving difficult. Look right first... no,left, no, right.... see what I mean?
2. Words are different... more than just 'lift' and 'loo'. LOTS of words, and phrases, and expressions. We've already found ourselves saying things considered, well, at least inappropriate, if not downright offensive. Thank goodness for kind hearts who know what we mean. Fortunately, the word I've had to adapt to the most is 'biscuit', or the American cookie... thankful to be getting lots of practice with that word.
3. Oh- and pronunciations make a difference. There are more dialects in London than in the whole of the US- seriously! Kind of like how in the south 'mirror' is only one syllable....
4. There is so much food here! Some people told us that English food could be bland, and perhaps the older country food was at some point, but here in London- it's amazing! Within a 10 minute walk we have Indian, Chinese, Thai, English, French, Italian, McDonalds, Vietnamese... it's pretty overwhelming to walk down the street when you're hungry! Which leads me to.....
5. You walk a TON! I haven't even toured London, and already I'm seeing a major lifestyle change. Just about everything you'd need is within a mile or two, but you walk to all of it! Yes- there is a great public transport system with tube stops every 1/2 mile, and bus stops on every corner. But seriously, if you can save two bucks, *excuse me*, two quid by just walking 10 minutes, its worth it. You get out, get exercise, get fresh air, see everything along the way, and people watch (my fave!). However, you also quickly realize that the shoes you wore in America all day at your desk and through Walmart don't stand up well to a couple miles of concrete and stone sidewalks . :-P Yep... definitely rethinking my shoe collection.

Much to learn in the next three years. Can't wait!


  1. Thanks for the insight. Can't wait to visit!

  2. I didn't know you were moving to London! How exciting! Looking forward to reading updates. :)

  3. Haha yep, living in a country where you walk a lot means giving up the super cute shoes, sadly :(
    And I think people are talking about English food being bland, not just food in England. Because any metropolitan city will have a variety of ethnic cuisine, but the national food itself can be really different (ie real English food. English breakfasts for example =bleh!)