Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Loom with a View

I read about a knit garden up in North Finchey- about a 40 min journey from where I live. I had a free morning and went to check it out. It was... precisely that. A knit garden, complete with trees, ponds, vegetable patches, shed, greenhouse, and even clothesline! It was a lot!

It doesn't really require much explanation, but I did want to share it with some of my knitty friends. So, if you don't care about knitting or crochet, please feel free to leave now. If you do, feel free to look around and be inspired! (I left the photos large so you can try to see the details.) So fun!

Yes- even all those undies on the line are knit! There was SO much! Apparently, it was a group project by about 2500 knitters around the UK. And they used cardboard, wood, or metal as framing, especially for the larger structures, but the whole of everything was covered in yarn. It was kind of crazy!
If you've done anything like this- let me know in the comments! I'd love to see how your projects came out!


  1. Oh my stars! So cute!! I've made animals ( a bunny, elephant, owl, hedgehog,Totoro, doggy) but now I am inspired to make flowers! Being that I usually kill live ones.

  2. I love the frog and the gnomes! Very creative.