Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feliz Aniversário, Isabela!

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of our friend, Isabela! She's from Brazil, and as we wanted her to feel at home, we did our best to make it a "Brazilian" party. What's a Brazilian party, you might ask? She wondered too.

Well, in our small world, a Brazilian party is a place decorated with more colour than the British can stand in one place, with streamers, and banners, and samba music playing in the background. Each room was a 'place' in Brazil... Sao Paulo- where Bela lives near, Fortaleza- where her hubs, Rodrigo, is from, and the Amazon- because we needed another Brazilian place. :-) We had a matching game for Brazilian animals, some trivia questions, and signs posted randomly with funny facts about Brazil. The birthday girl was able to find a caterer in London who makes salgadinhos- traditional birthday finger food of fried dough with different meats inside. (Think something between a dumpling and a chicken nugget!) We made brigadieros and beijinos de coco (amazing candies made from condensed milk and chocolate or coconut)! And of course, we had plenty of acai juice and guarana on hand to wash it all down with!

It was a fun night, and they swore our Portuguese rendition of Happy Birthday was 'just right', though I think they're being VERY gracious! :-) You can judge for yourself at the end!

*The blue sign says "Fortalezan children don't fear the boogie man or monsters under the bed. Instead, they fear the hairy leg in the wardrobe!* (So says Rodrigo!)

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  1. You throw the best parties, Kate! And Guarana! Yay! I'm sure it was a wonderful celebration.